For half a century consumer’s media consumption was dominated by offline media. But with the advent of the internet today more than half of all the media we consume comes through digital channels. But if you are new to this term you might come across with the question “what is digital marketing?” Well, basically digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. Almost anything can be digital marketing asset. It simply needs to be a marketing tool you need online.

So you might think why you should choose digital media over traditional media?  Remember reaching consumers through digital channels offers several advantages over traditional offline marketing.  First, though digital marketing you could target specific consumers with specific demographics and your engagement with the audience is highly scalable and measurable. The second big advantage of digital marketing is digital marketing provides you instant marketing testing capability. Before investing millions of dollars in a prospective market spending just a few hundred bucks in paid digital ad as market testing could give you an overall picture of how your product performance would play out.

At wignslabz  we focus on all areas of digital communications. Depending on your respective industry or niche we first try to determine whether your needs are best met by higher organic search placements, carefully thought-out search engine marketing, more social media exposure, updated website design and content, or a combination of all these options. This holistic approach maximizes your budget dollars while providing tangible and impressive online results. Integrated digital marketing campaigns we devise and manage will make sure that your business is always present in front of your prospects and customers, right when they need it.