If you run a small business mostly staffed by your family or friends who you trust implicitly you might not bother to hire an HR consultant. However, as the time passes and you decide to expand your business you need to look further afield to recruit the skills it needs. This is a challenging and time-consuming process because recruiting someone outside of your social circuit could come up with a lot of factors like issues of trust and responsibility. That’s why you need a solid foundation for HR processes.

Usually, when your company starts administering 10-25 employees you should seek out an HR consultant. Because this is the stage where you need to clarify the roles and responsibilities of every individual separately and as a team. 

When your company reaches 25+ employees questions begins to surface around the recruitment and retention of staff, employee career frameworks, and compensation and reward.  And this cannot be directly dealt with through a phone call and indexed file.  To ensure efficient information flow between different teams more sophisticated feedback mechanism needs to be put in place.

If you’re still contemplating whether you need an HR consultancy to consider the following signs.


  • Most of your times are being spent behind dealing with people’s issues rather than growing business.
  • Your managers are spending more time in arbitrary meetings than doing their job.
  • A significant drop in employee’s morale.
  • Despite skilled workforce and resource productivity level are falling for no clear reason.
  • Struggling to attract right talent and leadership because your recruitment process keeps failing to identify the right people.
  • Talented employees leave, possibly taking up prominent roles in your competitors. Offering lucrative additional pay/bonus no longer works and falls outside your agreed pay scale limits.

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